There are many Fredericksburg Texas restaurants, but none will awaken your tastebuds like the Cabernet Grill. From seafood to steaks you’ll be planning your next visit during dessert.

High Standards Come First On The Menu
When you sit down at the Cabernet Grill, you will be headed for a real treat. Executive Chef Ross Burtwell has perfected the art of Hill Country cuisine.  From the freshest seafood, to Certified Angus Beef, to wild game and ranch fare he uses only the finest ingredients.

If there is one complaint against Chef Ross it’s that he’s too picky. He carries that criticism like a badge of honor while his vendors scurry to find product that meets his standards. For example, all Cabernet Grill steaks are Certified Angus Beef—the top tier in US beef. Less than 8% of all cattle qualify for this distinction. In addition, we require a 28-day age on our beef to assure maximum tenderness and flavor. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Local sources of food products are used whenever possible. We get quail from Lockhart; preserves from Fischer & Wieser right here in Fredericksburg;  wild game from Broken Arrow Ranch; lamb is raised locally by Twin County Dorpers and seasonal produce from local growers is a staple in our kitchen. Even our shrimp is caught by boats licensed in Texas and fishing in the waters of the Gulf Coast.

And it doesn’t stop with the food! Don’t forget that all of the wine served at the Cabernet Grill comes from Texas vineyards—most right here in the Hill Country. We also use spirits distilled in Texas for our Signature cocktails like the popular Titos handmade Vodka, Austin’s Saavy Vodka, Dripping Springs Vodka and Garrison Brothers Bourbon just a stone’s throw from Fredericksburg.

Admittedly, Chef Ross’ motivation for obtaining local sources was not born out of a trendy environmental movement, but because he feels it is the right thing to do. “I see the faces of my neighbors sitting in my dining room. These folks farm the land, raise cattle, make wine and produce jams and jellies that are outstanding. I don’t need to source ingredients from France when you can get  great products made right down the road. I believe in taking care of your neighbor, and my neighbors produce food all across Texas.” Says Chef Ross.

And as if that wasn’t enough. The Cabernet Grill even has it’s own herb garden! Right on the Cotton Gin Village property we grow a variety of herbs including rosemary, Mexican oregano, cilantro, Texas tarragon (marigold mint), garlic chives, sage, sweet basil and peppermint. During the summer, we also cultivate a tomato and chile garden. And we just recently added some grapevines as well.

A Peek In The Kitchen
One often wonders what goes on “behind the scenes.” At the Cabernet Grill, Chef Ross runs a tight ship based on some frequently shared rules. These explain why he gets “A” ratings from guests, as well as Health Inspectors.
1. Passion is the number one ingredient I cook with. It is what transforms eating into dining.
2. Put the herbs in the food, not just on the plate
3. If you are not proud of it, don’t serve it.
4. Remember the four b’s: Bacon, Bourbon and Butter make everything Better
5. If you have time to talk, you have time to clean
6. The weeds can only grow so high before you are out of a job.
7. Don’t be upset when a guest orders a quality steak well done, you don’t have near as much invested in it as the cow did.

How Does He Come Up With This Stuff?
You’ll never see Chef Ross camped in front of the Food Channel with a paper and pen. On the contrary, his inspiration is much like that of an artist — combining assorted influences, chance happenings, cultures exposures— to create something completely unique. It may be finding out about a new cut of beef that he’s never used before. Or even a glance at a few old cookbooks will inspire a new combination of ingredients and cooking methods.  

One important guiding principle of every new dish is how it will pair with one of Cabernet Grill’s Texas wines. “I like foods that excite the palate and have bold flavors. Yet I also understand that balance is needed when working with flavors or you can simply overwhelm the palate. Not to mention you never want to work the flavors so hard that you lose the essence of your primary ingredient. Cooking calls for an adventures nature while knowing when to show restraint. It’s a balancing act for sure.”

He takes all these elements and “sketches” until he can step back and say “Fini!”

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